Monday, September 24, 2007

PT. Benang Komunika Infotama

Benang Komunika Infotama PT. (BCOMM), founded in September 2003, in Jakarta Indonesia, as a content provider and system integrator which focuses on media communication.

Through strong relationship and collaboration, BCOMM is to deliver valuable service with affordable price to potential customers for their business solution in communication technology. Our service allow the customer to get additional revenue from its current business.

1. Male / Female with good performance min. 22 years old
2. Well understanding in programming algorithm
3. Minimum 1 year experience
4. Having experience with project would be an advantages
5. Be able to work as soon as possible

Skill :
1. Application software : J2ME, Oracle, Oracle HTMLDB, PHP
2. Server Operating System : Linux & Windows Server 2003

Facilities and benefits:
1. Regular employee
2. Career opportunity
3. Interesting remunerations, bonus, & incentive
4. Health facility
5. training

All Requirement:
> send your application, CV, and latest 4x6 photo to:
PT. Benang Komunika Infotama
HR Department
JL. Birah Raya no.8 Rawa Barat Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12180
or e-mail to

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